Revelation In Stone.

It Looks Cystal clear to me.

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Experts will undoubtably recognise this as a stone.

Another obviouse cat profile, Human head in the ear of the cat, remarkably similar profile to another, on the side of this flint.

This surely is the worlds oldest and most amazing flint artwork ever found. The skill, artistic insight and genius perplexing visual puzzle solving could only come from sophisticated  humans. Not thick ape men.

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This prehistoric flint art has some other hidden secrets.

Is that the profile image of a prehistoric man inset, almost identical to the other one?


The whole images is probably springbok or horned caprid, deer, ibex most likely.

DSCF0831_00 DSCF0834_00

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ellyhead2 neanderthal head profile lioness 1011 ram

Another remarkable profile match.

The grey colour of the flint has a lionesss profile.

The worked crystal looks like a cub.


Possible monkey profile this side, also this edge could be elephant head.

The Horse-cat ear now

being elephant ear.

This side of the prehistoric art show horse head with ear and mane.