Revelation In Stone.

Thats not awl folk's

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On this face of the awl, we have the rat head, strutting gorilla, Horse head and mane, springbok head, elephant head, early man skull, and possible bear or lion. There maybe other's that I dont know the glyphs for or that i have not realized yet. ***Just as I wrote this i noticed a carp? feeding on the river bottom?***Aligator with swept back leg is now also visable to me, but a tad iffy***


For those of you who can not see them I will be providing some drawings.


The other faces of the awl show wizard head, fish, chimp, elephant head, and the blue tit bird which is common in archeologists gardens. There are likely to be more that I have not realised yet.


A chimp head and fish.


      The Blue tit type bird....

Looks more like a parrot to me.


And for those Harry Pothead fans, cough...

Many may doubt this, but pointy hat man is a recognized motif, in the proffessional body.

I can see a cod, could be whale?, deer, and bear heads in this image by turning the pic on both sides. And maybe a wolf too, it may not be very visable but its an elephant head as well.

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This stone also has an animation, I will post a video of it later.