Revelation In Stone.

The Horse with no name.

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ele1 hog elle3

I know that flint horse head springs to mind, but try to see the minky whale? in this stone. Its not a bad whale,.considering its a horse head too.

The mane is calved chalk and helps your fingers grip when in use.

The Blade of this perfectly hand shaped flint knife is at the top of the photo.


The dark mark on the right is a fossil inclussion, probably urchanoid. It is a thumb grip when the tool is in use. The form of a severed hand with pointing finger.

Elaphant head profile with inset gray elephant head  inclusion.

I have seen this motif before?

I have drawn around the light blue colour of the flint to get this image. Boar? Fowl? I guess at small horse, as it would follow tradition in other examples, the small of the species being inset inside the image of the larger.

This tool really does fit perfecly in the hand. The palm area of the stone has been roughed for grip. The unseen side has a blade profile and is perfectly flat.

white hores dolphin whale