Revelation In Stone.

This stone pairs the animals, big, small, insetting animal heads inside each other, common in my stones.

DSCF0712_00 DSCF0689_00 DSCF069_00 DSCF0711_00 DSCF0712_00

Two rabbit heads side by side, cadbury's caramel link?


Dolphin Duck Fox?

DSCF0697_00 DSCF0695_00 DSCF0709_00 DSCF069_00

Another wizard?

maybe fish too.

Possible strutting gorilla, arm and head, in the right hand profile.

two elephants, big, small, overlap

straight tusked elephant, notice the smaller ear.

There is another 3d image, but you wouldent believe it if i showed you.

Swan in flight,

small elephant.

Long Horned Caprids,