Revelation In Stone.

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Left: This stone transforms from a strutting gorilla, to a mans head with hat, to a horse's head and legs, to an elephant and partial body and an elongated skull shape.

Not forgeting the skull in the brown cortex bottom middle.

This one looks like the head chest and arm of a cave man faceing right.

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Above: This one looks like the face of a wild boar.


Right: Elephant, gorilla strut, boar head, horse head, and elephant can be seen in that order.

An almost human skull can be seen facing left, a very ape like face is looking right. There is more to be seen here!

A crouching hominid, his knee is even visable! Rotate 90 degrees clockwise and we have an elephants head.

Above and below are the same artifact, can you see the bird glyph? there are some other face profiles there too.

Human? baboon? this stone has more to offer.

A skull and a face both looking left.

There is a cystal bird, an obvious monkey face, maybe even a human face?

There is a red ochre sketch on the stone.