Revelation In Stone.

  Prehistoric, Visual communication devices, Animation and Figurative Art.

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 Amazing artworks made thousands of years ago, Meta-morph from one image to another. It almost defies explanation, just how clever was prehistoric man? In the House of Babel? Prehistoric man was creating optical illusions, anamorphic art and visual language devices hundreds of thousands of years ago.

I have thousands of these polymorphic and often anamorphic prehistoric language tools. My examples are of such good quality that im able to decode there meaning, useage and by whom and why. I am also very confident of this and believe I can prove my findings, and due to this gained knowlage I have a deeper insight into prehistoric man than any expert in any relevent field. Its not how much they know, its what I know. My artifacts show the same set of iconography thoughout, and show obvious modification, but still ignorance is scuppering human advancement and understanding.

There really are millions of incredibly detailed work's of art hidden in prehistoric flint and stone artifacts. Most of them lay there waiting to be found. Some works have been found and realized as worked stone but of unknown function and many recognized as tools,  I believe that on closer inspection many of these stones will contain unrealized works of optical illusions and sculptured art.  Elephant head sculptures are very common in paleolithic stone tools, but are unrealized or ignored by many in the professional body.

I have learned so much about prehistoric man just by looking at a few stones, Its all there, they all tell there own little story. This stone has an excellent elephant head sculpture,  gorilla, a springbok, horse, wolf, predatory cat, and ram. I believe that these stones were used as communication tools. There are suggestions that early man may have not been very vocal, and these stones could convey what you had for lunch or maybe what you wanted to go and hunt, or maybe silently convey what animals are near by. They may have been used as ornaments or as a teaching aid. Or like Post-it-notes!

Ursel Benekendorff the vanguard of Prehistoric artworks, has recognized the iconography in my finds as clear and common motif's that are repeated throughout her own extensive studies. The similarities between her own stone artwork finds, and my own, simply cannot be ignored. My visual interpretations (exclusively originally) were made without knowing the existence of this figurative symbolism, and any knowledge of Ursel's amazing stone finds. In other words we independently found artifacts depicting the exact same subjects, in the exact same poses, repeatedly, and in no way exclusively to just myself's and Ursel's materials.


Work needs to be done in the British Professional Archaeology community, to educate skeptics and non- believers to the existence of these beautiful and ancient, communication tools.


These pieces will teach us more about our ancestors and there environment than any amount of gold coins.


For those of you in the wider community who wish to find similar stones I wouldn't be surprised if you found one of these artworks in your own back garden. If you have at least one good elephant head in your stone and any other animal head form in profile, you may well have your own example. Most stones will not look anything like mine, many are in pebble form or other medium, some of the basic words can be found in every stone, them being elephant, ape, horse, springbok, rabbit, boar, wolf, cow,fish, lion, bear, and wizard! all in head profile, a whole bird, whole fish, whole buffalo/bison and the humps of whales and strutting gorillas, you would have to check Ursels site for any more!. If you have flint blades and scrapers you may well already have some of these fascinating artworks, look for the ape profile in the blade. A large chip, then medium then a set of chips getting slowly smaller can signify an elephant head in your blade, these I believe are prolific but very few have noticed them.


Many thanks.



A good gorilla head  profile including eye, nostril and lips and clear inset ear, an elephant head with curled trunk, holding a crystal cat, rotate the stone anti-clockwise and we have a ram's head and a cat profile. More on the other side.

stone age scarper art elephant head scarper

Elephant Head.

In it's most simple form, polyglyphs, demonstrated in this small flint scraper. The image may also represent a hand holding a rock. The reverse side of this scraper has the skull image.

elephant head stoneage tool art

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Prehistoric flint Nano sculpture.

Prehistoric man was sculpting micro artworks over 100,000 years ago.

Homo-erectus pontificus? Nano 'Elgin marbles'? Prehistory confusion?

Yes, as if I had not rattled the bones of many an archaeologist already, I am now introducing a world exclusive, the discovery of incredibly detailed prehistoric nano-sculpture artworks. These small stones have all the bang of my polyglyphs but use an unknown technique to sculpture hair line ridges into flint. The stones look a little like the scaly effect caused by extreme temperature change in flint, in some areas. I have heard of a technique that uses heat to sculpt flint, Am i just making this up? Maybe the theory of a scholar in history, way back?

There are human and ape face profiles everywhere. This is not freak chance!

A jumble of face profiles that share and swap features.

Email Me. ellyhead2 headprofilegoril neanderthal head profile ram lioness 1011 Elephant horse alpaka prehistoric flint sculpture_00 Elephant horse alpaka prehistoric flint sculpture_00 Elephant horse alpaka prehistoric flint sculpture_00

This nano sculpture flint art has a fairly clear horse head and mane. The elephant head and trunk are quite exceptional. The 'Alpaka' type creature set further back. This flint is 61mm approx in its longest dimension.

close up of sculptured face profiles_00 Three little birds outside my door step_00

Three Birds, all 3 stones have other common images worked into them.

Video trailer



Fun Bird


Fun Video Skull and face Paleo Art Link


Antelope Head.